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NEONZ!!! Antman has done it again! Not only was Antman the first in the world to design and create the original and best Custom Trix Trim colour range for autosport helmets, he has now developed a new breed. Introducing 'Neonz', an exciting new range of true FULL colour neon trimz that not only compliment the brightest of paint jobs, but will glow as well, as only true neon pigment can do.
Sporting our new original designed base trimz, these fit not only all Arai auto helmets, but now the Bell and Stilo models to support their narrow fit styling. It's the total all rounder gang! The eyeport has also been redesigned for much easier installation for you at home or in the paddock.
Innovation, NOT imitation! Buy original and the best.

Used together with Antman's Grillz, Bulletz etc they will give you 250 plus exciting colour combinations to accessorise your helmet in the way 'you' want it to look. You are no longer limited to factory black trims.

Easy to install and changing colours is a breeze.

A full instructional video on how best to install the trimz can be found at

W/Sale NEON RED Trimz

AU$19.95 Regular Price
AU$15.95Sale Price
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